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This announcement section has been made obsolete thanks to reddit. I created a space there for all discussions and that can include announcements so I'm just going to put the link here:


Finished the first four Trivium albums. Even though I have started on In Waves I believe I'll take a break and probably work on the new album after it's released. Then I'll resume with In Waves. If you like what you see please help spread the word about where to find professionally written Trivium tabs.


Finished the new Trivium song, Catastrophist. Good diversion from working on the Shogun album. Please spread the word if anyone else is looking for a tab for that song.


Instead of implementing a complex request function within this web site [which I already partially did behind the scenes], I decided to use reddit which accomplishes all my needs and is already implemented. Please visit: for any requests or discussions.


Ok, I believe the email updates are working now. Your email client may treat it as spam though so just be aware.


The email updates are not working due to gmail blocking my app requests to log in. I'll work on fixing that soon. In the meantime you can just check this page for any updates. I just finished uploading Guitar Pro files for the entire "Ember to Inferno" Trivium album. I did not create these so thanks goes out to mdeth91 'at' for working on them.


Added some more songs from Ascendancy. A few that were up previously have been updated as well. You can see which ones, and what was updated, by reviewing the history for each tab.


First few songs from Trivium's "Ascendancy" are up.


The entire first album for Trivium is finished! If you know of other forums or places where people search for Trivium tabs please spread the word for me. I'm still working on getting this site to show up in google searches.


Small announcement: The old email,, will no longer work. Instead, please use the new email:


I've decided to work on Trivium and try to complete as many albums as possible. I'm currently a little over half-way through the first album and I'll be uploading them shortly. These will be in official PDF format meaning they will be written as if they were being published in a book, although I'm not including chord names or vocal lines. Please feel free to help me spread the word about a new place to find Trivium tabs.


Welcome to the new site! I was tired of editing html files every time I added a file so I decided to write an application to do it for me. This also lets me add some other features that you will hopefully find useful. For example, you can now subscribe to get emails on any updates (either for the entire site or just a particular artist). The biggest change coming soon is the request tool. On each song you can specify what you want (finish tab, or review an existing part, or write a format, etc.) and soon you'll be able to request any song from any artist. If you experience any problems with the site please let me know. You can email the old address still ( or use the new one ( The old domain,, will be around for quite some time but it will essentially just be a forwarding page.